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Learn the Art & Science of Traditional African Spirit Communication


Within traditional Africa, the elders often maintain that “real” knowledge is hidden or secret and is available only to people capable of using it properly. They also understand that the true underlying cause of events, problems or crisis can be known through rigorous inquiry into the spirit world.

This process is called Divination.

And, within traditional Africa, there are a group of extraordinary people who take on the role (or are called) to practice this ancient form of spirit communication. They are called diviners, or within the Dogomba tradition, the Baga (male) or Baga Paga (female) or  Jinwaraba (queen of witches/female diviner).

The IIKDS University of Traditional Sciences extends the invitation to those who feel called to the journey of the Baga/Baga Paga; who are drawn to act as mediators, translators and communicators between the worlds, through comprehensive traditional training, called the Training of the Baga.


Connect to spirit
“Participating in this course and studying with Chief Amachi has empowered me in areas where many other courses and teachers failed, and that is in the area of teaching the “science” behind the mechanics. In my past experiences, for example, I was only slightly taught mechanics, such as memorizing the meanings of how certain shells fall in divination. An integral part of what was missing in that process is the part about connecting to the Spirits, to turn a situation of one just casting shells onto a mat, into a real dialogue with the Spirits to receive meaningful messages.”