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The Training of the Baga Apprenticeship Program consists of three parts or levels leading to a Practitioner’s Certificate. It may be completed in  6 months by those who are willing to dedicate themselves to mastery of the Baga.

These levels are:

  1. The Crab (Tools of the Diviner)
  2. Herb and the Bush (Wisdom of the Diviner)
  3. Mami Wata (Spirits of the Diviner)


The Crab – Tools of the Diviner


The level of the Crab is the first leg of the Apprenticeship Program and is also an entry into the Association of Traditional Healers and Readers, which is a network of traditional priest/priestess, readers, healers and elders in West Africa, North & South America.

The level of the Crab is an initiation into nature. It introduces the student to the system and tools of the Baga, and even further, it is an initiation into the spiritual medicine of Tima (roots herbs plants and magic) and Bukataa (the world soul and spiritual powers of the earth).

The tools of the Baga may appear familiar to the hoodoo, occult or modern-day rootworker and spiritual reader. Many of these practitioners are familiar with the casting of roots, stones, shells and bones as seen within African-American hoodoo, rootwork or conjure systems or African Diasporic traditions including Louisiana voodoo. However, there is an essential component that is often not revealed to the would-be spiritual reader, layperson or unwitting student, or even known by teachers who are disconnected from authentic African tradition, and that is the connection to spiritual medicine and nature.

An authentic connection to Nature and the underlying forces of nature are the power behind advanced systems of divination. These forces include spiritual beings such as Mami Wata, the Dwarfs and the Wunonam (gods of our ancestors in nature).

Therefore, the first step at the level of the Crab is to connect the student to these forces through the spiritual medicine of Timm and Bukaata, as well as teach the foundational tools of divination.  Without the traditional medicine and nature connection, one who calls them self a spiritual reader is merely using psychic abilities, or the power of the mind, which has limited reach and capabilities. The roots of hidden knowledge lies in nature and the forces of nature.

This course includes:

  • Spiritual medicine prepared and sent to each student
  • Guided rituals performed by each student in the comfort of home
  • Divination kit ritually prepared and sent to each student
  • Intensive teachings on the Tools of the Baga
  • Private forum for ongoing discussions
  • Live weekly conference calls
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Live video, text and phone readings with real clients

Length of training: 60 days

Cost: $400

Listen to a sample Teleclass



Upon completing this level, students are eligible for authenticated entry into the Association of Traditional Healers & Readers, and be recognized as a traditional reader endorsed by IIKDS. As a member of the Association, readers have access to a toll-free number and private extension to offer divinations. They also have access to a comprehensive system of tools to provide education, build their community of followers and provide spiritual care in conjunction with a network of powerful, respected, authentic traditional elders, priests/priestesses, herbalists and shamans.

Students will be certified as a Traditional Reader with the ability to launch a divination practice.





Chief Amachi

Founder of IIKDS