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The Herb and the Bush  – Wisdom of the Diviner

Next, the level of the Herb and the Bush further develops the practitioner’s understanding of Nature Identity and the guiding principles of nature which are the true foundation of the divination method of the Baga.  This level of training focuses on the knowledge of the underlying forces of nature which are the governing realities that communicate with the diviner, while in operation with divination tools.  Additionaly, it is the second introduction to spiritual medicine (Tima), which is customized blend of secret components of sacred trees, and organic materials from nature that foster an authentic connection to nature.  In this level students will make additional talismans and spirituals tool for their divination mats.

Connecting to nature and spiritual medicine is an essential component of indigenous knowledge, without this a practitioner is merely mechanically operating their divination method.

This class is open to students who have completed the Crab level.

Length of training: 60 Days

Cost: $400


sonja- Mami Wata Priestess
“I have been empowered by the the knowledge I obtained with the Crab, Herb, Bush and Mami Wata which by other systems standards would pretty much take 20 years to acquire such information. I am able to put the principles in practice on a daily basis for my family and clients; some of which are even forbidden for women to do in other systems. It has truly been a positive and uplifting experience, and it has far exceeded my expectations. I can’t express in words how grateful I am to be learning from Chief Amachi, such an excellent teacher.”


Mami Wata – Spirits of the Diviner

The Mami Wata level is an initiation consisting of ceremonial construction of a personal Mami Wata shrine and spiritual baths. Each initiate will receive customized secret components of sacred trees and organic materials from nature to construct their spiritual baths and personal shine. In addition, this initiation includes formulation of Mami Wata spirit medicine that will be used in collaboration with the shrine and bathing rituals.

herbsAdditionally, at the Mami Wata level, students will receive ceremonial construction of several Timm & Bukaata formulations including talismans, charms and spiritual incense for their Mami Wata shrine. The spiritual tools in this initiation are sub-components of the Mami Wata shrine and thus will create specific phenomena or actions of influence.

These talismanic formulations are designed to empower the divination practice with the added functionality of  providing protection, building a relationship with the Noliwuni and the spiritual forces of nature.

The spiritual incense formulations are designed to foster the connection necessary to communicate with Mami Wata spirits in dream time, as well as enhance prophetic awareness, increase intuition, promote prosperity, attraction and much more.

This level of mastery in the Training of the Baga aims to develop the student spiritually, to enhance their psychic abilities, intuition, clairvoyance, the origins of which lie are in nature. As a result, students will gain spiritual powers that are often seen as supernatural and magical.

This class is open to students who have completed the Herb & the Bush level.

Please refer to The Chain of Ancestral Connection by Chief Amachi Apetor Buaru for more on spiritual development.


Length of training: 60 Days

Cost: $850






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