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The Baga/Baga Paga are traditional spiritual readers, diviners or spiritual readers from the Northern regions of Ghana who specialize in spirit communication.

Spirit communication is an exchange of information between two parties through a system of words, sounds, signals, signs, symbols and behaviors to express ideas, thoughts and feelings, etc.  Hence, the Baga/Baga Paga is the medium who transfers and interprets information from their spiritual allies and forces of nature through the use of various symbols and tools based on an indigenous system of spirit communication practiced for thousands of years.  They use this system to offer spiritual assistance, diagnosis and remedies for adverse situations and conditions in the community.

The Training of the Baga Apprenticeship Program aims to teach this ancient knowledge to select individuals. Within the tradition of the Baga of West African, these diviners often undergo lengthy and rigorous training to master the skill of spirit communication. Traditional divination goes beyond reciting pre-determined meanings of various artifacts, cards or tools. It is an act of “listening” to the other world and “seeing” information that is hidden from ordinary perception. The diviner must learn to connect to the non-human realm, the repository of hidden knowledge, to obtain guidance and healing.

Traditional divination cannot be self-taught from a book or a weekend workshop. The knowledge and wisdom practiced for thousand of years by the Baga/Baga Paga are handed down from master to student through a process of apprenticeship which includes rigorous training, traditional medicine and cultivating connection with nature and the forces of nature.

Watch Chief Amachi as he speaks about spirit communication….



Chief Amachi

Founder of IIKDS